Saturday, December 3, 2011

A forever family is needed

I realized that I didn't post yesterday, but then again, I was also a walking zombie. So, I'm sure if I had written anything, it'd be an incoherent stream of awkward words. As I discussed earlier, Uno went in to get neutered on Wednesday. Because he is deathly afraid of the dreaded e-collar, I have had to stay up to make sure he wasn't licking. It's been a challenge. BUT seeing him learn more and thriving in a home makes it all worth it. Plus, he's such a lover that even through your delirious sleep-deprived haze, those cuddles just melt your heart.

Last night S. and I had a fundraiser to attend, so we called in our incredibly awesome petsitter who watched him to make sure he was okay. Today is a big day, we're taking the pups to a local park to run around and play for an hour or so. He needs to stretch those legs! I will definitely take pics and post. Other than that, S. and I are enjoying the lazy day.

I have already let Beagle Freedom Project know to withdraw our pre-adoption app, but, while Uno LOVES us and we love him, we feel his forever family is still out there. We initially went into this just wanting to give a pup the chance to know that there are humans who love them and they can have a good life. He's still healing from his neuter, so I'm not sure when he'd be ready to leave, but I just wanted to get the word out as a reminder that he, and others, still need forever homes.

Uno needs someone who can walk and run with him often - perhaps they work from home or have a pet sitter. He needs someone with a high, fenced yard where he can learn to be outside off leash. Uno is used to my small, low key pups and cats, but is still very skittish around big dogs - especially loud ones. He hasn't been around kids yet, which I'm sure he'd be fine, however there have been a few moments where a reflection has irritated him so he growls. It's nothing off-putting to us, but I'm sure a family with children may find that a tiny bit scary.

He's a great, amazing pup and I can't wait to meet his forever family. I also know there are other pups still out there, too, needing permanent homes from this rescue. I encourage you to share this post with all of your friends in hopes that more people are called to adopt these guys. For more information on how to adopt: click here.

Perhaps I can work with the non profit to see about getting a list together of available dogs, but in the meantime, I ask that you like them on facebook:, check out the above link for adoptions, and share this with your friends.

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