Monday, December 5, 2011


Lots to celebrate these past few 24 hours!

First, we took Uno back to Beagle Freedom Project's HQ yesterday where he got to meet with potential adoptive families and more exciting - mostly to Uno - was being reunited with a lot of his comrades. It was like they never left. They all took to each other immediately and Uno was running and jumping and climbing and sniffing away like a normal dog should.

I commented to one of the other foster moms about how exciting it was to see their tails up! All of the love these people are giving these dogs just warms my soul. We stayed for about 2 hours and within that time a potential forever family put in an app for Uno!!

I'm kicking myself, though, for not snapping photos of the boys playing. I was just too caught up in conversations and watching them. :(

As soon as we got Uno in the car, he passed out. We snapped a pic of him cuddled close to our 15 year old shih tzu.

Uno also *kind of* overcame his TV fear. We took to watching a movie on my laptop versus the big tv and put Uno on the couch with us. Within about 15 min he went from being on my side, to moving to S.'s side to being right in the middle, with his belly up and passing out! To have this dog have so much faith in us to cuddle like this, just speaks leaps and bounds to his ability to forgive and love.

We also decided to put Uno on the bed again last night and he curled up with S. and passed out. He stayed in that same position until I woke up around 3a. Aside from about 15 min of him being awake and trying to get comfortable on his bath mat, he then went back to sleep and slept through the night until I awoke at 7:30!!

And, for my last bit of awesome news, S. took Uno for his morning potty break and guess who did #1 AND #2 outside?!?!? We have been able to get him to pee outside the past week, however #2 has been very difficult. We'll walk and walk and walk and within about an hour of a walk we get a present in the house - granted it's the same spot in the house - but, still.

It just amazes me how incredible these dogs are - most of them have been with their foster families for a week, or over a week now, and to see how far each of them have come just melts your heart.

And it is on that note I would like to ask that you please donate to Beagle Freedom Project. If you know S. and me personally, then consider a donation on Uno's behalf as a Christmas / Hanukkah present. It would mean so much to me, to S., to Uno, and to the other families and volunteers who are a part of this organization.


  1. Did he end up finding a new forever home

  2. Jackie: He may have a family interested in him. :) In the meantime, we continue our cuddles and love fest. We'll care for him as long as it takes to find the best family for him. But, not going to lie, it's getting harder and harder to not let him go. ;) Uno is a charmer.

  3. His family can't WAIT to bring him home! Just waiting for BFP to make a home visit. We are awaiting him anxiously, devouring every word of this blog and celebrating each accomplishment right along with you all. S & M, you are both amazing. The best of humanity healing a victim of the atrocities of the worst.