Thursday, December 1, 2011

Uno goes to the office!

Today was a tiny bit of a rough start as the cone and Uno do NOT mix, however we couldn't have him licking himself. So I was up just about all night off and on making sure he wasn't licking. We needed to keep an eye on him through the day, so it was time for another car ride. He actually took to it really well. He's becoming more adventurous and curious.

I attempted to snap pics of him at the office, but he was just too squirmy. I think he'll eventually love the camera, but for now I think I'm stuck with making videos. ;)

I also want to take this moment to shout out to our new friends, Bridget and Holden. Thanks for the new collar! He's wearing it proudly and looks so handsome in it. Extra special thanks to aroostudio for providing these collars to Beagle Freedom Project. They are seriously adorable.

Check him out!


  1. First off, I love your blog, love what you guys have done, and ABSOLUTELY LOVE UNO!!! We have a beagle (tucker) who is almost 2, and I have spent all day reading every article and watching every video about all of the dogs in this rescue. It makes me laugh, cry, but most of all smile. I just love beagles. After years and years of abuse, you can just see how naturally trusting, loving, and fun these dogs are. The perfect pet (unless you live in an apartment complex like we do...hehehe...oops...).

    I would recommend taking Uno on a 'hunt'. Take some chicken or beef broth, dip a towel in it to soak it all up and then drag it along the ground outside. Let Uno follow it using his nose and have some meat as a reward. As beagles, this is what they were bred to do and it is instinct for them. This might help him come to a more 'natural' disposition and personality. He will also LOVE it (if he doesn't, it will farther prove how much their abuse affects their lives.) He will be chasing squirrels in no time!

  2. Another great post. Isn't blogging addictive? I blog too though I keep it private just for a few friends & myself. I get things off my chest by blogging, it's therapy, ha ha!