Tuesday, December 20, 2011

He's home...and just in time for Christmas

Friday morning, S. and I dropped off Uno at BFP to be picked up by his shiny, new family.

I choked back tears constantly, but it wasn't until we got to this coffee shop around the corner that I lost it. We'd been through so much with this dog - it was both heartbreaking and yet so fulfilling and joyous.

Friday night we got a text from Uno's new family letting us know he was settling in nicely. And we're lucky enough to get more updates as the family has started their own blog showing him acclimating to his new life. **Heart Melt**

So, it is on that note, this blog winds down and continues with his new family: http://unoforeverhome.blogspot.com/

We love you Uno and couldn't be happier that you found such an amazing forever family. xoxo

-M. & S.

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