Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy dog, happy life

My husband was the lucky one last night who witnessed Uno playing with our maltipoo, Musashi. They were full on having the time of their life in the guest bathroom. He caught it on video, however it was dark so we're trying to do some creative special effects so you all can see the fun!

This has been an amazing journey watching him morph into a normal, happy dog. He's much better on a leash, he's going potty outside more than inside, he's so much more sure of himself that he uses his beagle voice a lot more, he's playing with the dogs and cats, and he's cuddling with us on the bed AND on the couch - even when the TV is on!

Am I crying writing this? Yes I am. This is the most difficult and yet rewarding thing my husband and I have ever done. We know deep in our hearts that his forever family is out there (hi!), yet, I'm not going to lie, I'm extremely anxious thinking about him leaving. When he cuddles deep into the side of my husband, and my husband looks at me with watery eyes, a half smile and half frown, I know it will be hard to say goodbye for him, too.

The work that Beagle Freedom Project, the foster parents, and adoptive families are doing is nothing short of amazing. These animal testers are becoming dogs in front of our eyes, with tails up, wagging - they are HAPPY. And what a beautiful end to the horrible lives they had. Here's to a hopeful and happy start to their new ones!

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