Sunday, November 27, 2011

Good morning!

I tried to snap a good "good morning" shot of Uno, but he was more interested in getting pets - he's not a paparazzi lover. Ha!

We had a much better night than the night prior. Well, kind of. This event was both a blessing and a curse, however we found out that Uno HAS A VOICE!!! And it's a rather loud, typical Beagle voice at that. He was a good dog and slept about 1/3 of the night, but then he got restless and by 3 or 4a, he decided to let us know that he wanted attention and he wanted it NOW!

S. and I took turns giving him cuddles, which made me feel like we had a newborn baby on our hands.

S. decided to take Uno out right when he first got up and, although he peed in the house as soon as he got back in, he did still mark AND walked up the full flight of stairs!!! We are also finding that Uno much prefers the outdoors.

This morning he was a complete part of the family - following S. around in the kitchen while he made breakfast, sitting next to us while we ate, roaming the living room. He does have a fear of the TV so we have decided to keep it off today. Also we have been trying all sorts of treats to use as positive reinforcement, but they are just too foreign. We ended up using smoked turkey pieces and he's addicted!

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