Monday, November 28, 2011

Now accepting coffee donations for foster parents

Night 3 commenced in our household and the ease of going right to sleep was too good to be true. Around 1a we got our wake up call - actually I mean I got my wake up call, lucky S. slept through THAT particular round of needing attention.

I went back to sleep and around 3a, we got another wake up call. This time it seemed Uno wanted to try to be on the bed. He stayed on for about 15 min and about 5 min in, he decided his foster daddy needed to be given Uno cuddles. This is where S. woke up because Uno was standing on his chest. It was startling to S., but I was all giggles at 3a.

S. got up with Uno around 6a to bring him outside and now we're gearing up for his second car ride to take him to the office with us and our pups! I'm dreaming of a nap already.... *yawn*

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