Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Uno's first vet visit

I had been a bundle of nerves since last night. I mean here we were taking Uno on his second car ride with us, to the vet, to get neutered and teeth cleaned (and shots, too). Dogs are barking, there are foreign smells, I mean I felt just horrible for this boy. What would he think of me? Would he regress?

We are lucky enough that one of our best friends just so happens to be a vet. So we, at least, felt comfortable leaving him with his staff. We picked him up after work and he was actually doing fine. The vet agrees with our age assessment of 3-4 years, said that despite all the plaque, he has super healthy teeth, and so far blood work is great. We've got ourselves on healthy lab pup!

He was so loving and friendly to the staff, which just melted my heart. He genuinely loves people! One of the techs commented on just how beautiful he was - his coat, his stature - and said that if he didn't have his scars he'd be a prime candidate for a show dog. I agree. He really is breathtaking. xoxo

It wasn't until we were half way home I realized I flubbed this post by not getting a pic of Uno with his trusty Vet, but I figure once he's healed up and enjoying his car rides, we'll head over and snap up a couple then.

The poor little fella' is asleep in his favorite place right now. Unfortunately, because he's an avid "dog bits" licker, we'll have to put the e-collar on tonight. :(((


  1. Hi, I'm enjoying your blog. Your Youtube 1st attempt was good, don't let a nasty remark put you off. (I commented just now on there).

    Two of my personal friends helped in looking after the 40 beagles in Spain at the place they were kept for about a week prior to them being flow from Madrid to LA. My husband & I were in the UK when the beagles were released from the Barcelona laboratory & couldn't be 'hands on' but I used local forums (in Spain) to help with donations & blankets for this wonderful cause.

    My husband & I had the chance of staying with my friends so I could go see the beagles on my first day back in Spain but I chose not to after another person who has an issue with me (only she knows why)was not only going to be there too but had posted on her FB wall about me & there were 21 nasty comments based on her rants, all unfounded.

    So, although I never had the chance to see the beagles I'd helped in some way I can see them through photos posted on FB, your blog & on Youtubes so THANK YOU!

  2. Aww thank you. No harm was done. I've seen nastier, but I appreciate your support.

  3. I agree. Beautiful blog and I personally enjoyed the youtube vid with Uno in action. He is quite a handsome boy and it is wonderful to see him in the real home he deserves. I have a beagle of my own and also a current foster beagle undergoing treatment for heartworms. So, I can relate to your plight... well sort of. Obviously my foster doesn't have to learn how to live outside of a cage, but he is learning how to be a 'normal' happy dog and just what a loving and caring home is. Best of luck to you and Uno!