Sunday, November 27, 2011

A love for the outside

Uno's growing eagerness for the outside leaves us very hopeful today. He has had 2 successful walks today (our boys, Gizmo and Musashi, who are older and much more subdued, are actually enjoying the short strolls) and he seems more comforted by the outside sounds than the inside ones.

A bus, which had an affect on Uno yesterday simply does not phase him today, whereas the food bowl - that has been the bowl we've used since day 1 - still freaks him out if moved slightly.

He is learning his name, he is learning the stairs, and he is learning a life outside of a cage. This is one smart cookie and I am so proud to be called his foster mommy. I see nothing but great things in his future.

EDITED: I also completely forgot to add that my parents came by this morning and got to cuddle with him. He was a tiny bit shy, but I know they saw how loving and amazing he is.


  1. I am loving the updates! It really warms my heart to see all of the progress he has made in such a short time. What a sweet dog.