Tuesday, November 29, 2011

He's on YouTube!

I finally decided to make my first video on youtube and, of course, Uno is the star of the show. I will have more videos done as we go along, however I wanted the first one to document his scars as a reminder of his life in a lab.

The whole reason we're all here doing what we are doing, whether it's Beagle Freedom, or the group in Spain, or the foster parents, is to raise awareness of animal testing.

Dogs, monkeys, rats, pigs...all are raised as test subjects for drug companies, cosmetic companies, and house hold items. It's disgusting, it's inhumane, and something that S. and I feel very strongly about.

Uno may be one of forty that was rescued, but how many others are out there that aren't going to be given the chance he and his friends received if we don't bring attention to this?


  1. Uno is so beautiful Thank you for sharing his journey. I also hope that people become more aware of animal testing and start to change the companies they support. Thank you so much for all you are doing for Uno!